Do you want to see something different and entertaining from your mobile phone? Then download the YouNow app today and discover a new world with special content so you don't have to leave home to have fun. If you are interested in knowing what this app offers, then stay here because in this post we are going to discover everything it has for you.

  1. What is YouNow?
  2. How much does YouNow cost?
    1. YouNow Reviews
    2. What to watch on YouNow?
  3. How to see YouNow?
    1. Can I earn money with stars on YouNow?
    2. Can I stream on YouNow?
  4. How to download YouNow?
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What is YouNow?

YouNow is a live streaming application in which you will have the opportunity to see unique and different content from your mobile phone or TV. In addition, it is an app in which you can make video chats so that you can see your favorite influencer friends.

How much does YouNow cost?

The YouNow application offers you several Premium plans, you can choose the one you like best and fit your budget and the prices are as follows:

  • Weekly plan: 0.99 EUR
    Monthly plan: 4.99 EUR
    Annual plan: 9.99 EUR

YouNow Reviews

With YouNow you can have fun and have a good time from your mobile phone thanks to the live broadcasts of popular streamers. You can find a great variety in the content they offer, but you must be careful with the language, as it is a detail that needs to be improved.

There are many positive things that make YouNow app one of the best, it is very easy to use and does not consume much space. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to create your own content so that you become a professional streamer.

What to watch on YouNow?

  • Yasir
  • PedroDaKing
  • Alex Caidwell
  • Josie Holloway
  • ClaytonMedina
descargar YouNow

How to see YouNow?

With YouNow streaming app you can connect live with your favorite streamer. If you want to enjoy the content offered by this new app, all you have to do is install the application on your mobile phone and create an account so that you have access to the content it offers.

Can I earn money with stars on YouNow?

Yes, although it is somewhat complex because it has a series of requirements that must be met and that may take a bit of time. Many users find that earning stars on YouNow is complicated to start, but it is a reliable and secure platform.

Can I stream on YouNow?

Yes, this is a platform to make yourself known and it offers different tools to Twitch, just to mention the most important competition.

How to download YouNow?

The YouNow streaming app is available for all mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems. If you haven't downloaded the application yet, don't worry because you can do it by following these instructions:

Download You Now for Android

  1. Open the Play Store on your phone.
  2. Proceed to search for the “YouNow” application.
  3. Click on the “Install” option and you are done.

Download YouNow for IOS

  1. On your mobile phone, open the App Store.
  2. Look for the “YouNow” app.
  3. Click on "Install" and you're done.

‎YouNow: Live Stream & Go Live
‎YouNow: Live Stream & Go Live

Contact You Now

With YouNow you don't have to look for other streaming platforms to watch series and movies, with this app you have at your fingertips many live videos with the best programming you'll be able to find on the internet. If you download this application today you will join a large community that shares your same tastes and you will be able to interact with them.

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