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  3. Clear policies
  4. Add points
  5. Account Verification
  6. Sign up:
  7. Enter with your referral code:
  8. Starting screen:
  9. Follower system
  10. How to withdraw my money from VeloVideo?
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  14. Reference code
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VeloVideo is a fabulous App that came to make you earn easy money in a real way. From the hand of the GRUPO IMS brand, in version 1.0 this application has a launch date of June 4, 2021. It already has more than 5,000 downloads in a matter of a few days, and was widely accepted within the community.

This version is available for download from any PC or smartphone for Android on its Play Store platform. We invite you to learn how you can earn money easily and quickly, without tricks, with this app that pays you money for watching videos!

App Features

Its most important feature is that you will actually earn money for watching videos, this of course has a series of steps that you must follow within the app to be able to monetize your interactions within the application. Downloading the videos, watching each multimedia for a specific time (the more videos you watch, the more money you will get in total). In addition, you have the option of uploading status videos, obtaining rewards for completing tasks that are actually quite simple.

Complete the actions shown on your task screen and you will have more rewards. The important thing is that you can choose your prizes in different ways. Like the option to invite your friends. Just by sharing the app and registering you start earning money.

Different payment options

With the VeloVideo application, we give you different options to withdraw your money. The most common is the withdrawal option via bank transfer (Only for Ecuador). But, if this becomes complicated for you, you can also withdraw your balance to your PayPal account, it is 100% guaranteed.

Our satisfied users attest to our commitment and seriousness in payments. The high ratings on the Play Store platform are another guarantee that our service is much more effective and responsible when making payments and balance withdrawals.

With VeloVideo, not only do you earn money easily, we also make your life easier by withdrawing your balance from your PayPal account. Other apps claim to have this option and end up being a complete fiasco. Try us and you won't regret it.

Clear policies

When using our app you must faithfully comply with our policies. We do this to guarantee a reliable service free of simulators. Violating the following conditions warrants the immediate suspension of the account, as well as the freezing of its balance.

Prohibition on the use of VPN and Proxies systems.
Prohibition of multi-accounts.
Program automatic devices with video playback emulators.
You must see the entire ad in full.
Incite and publish unethical trick methods.
Upload original videos without watermark from other platforms, with a minimum time of 15 seconds. (Goes into effect as of 06/16/2021)
Unlimited Videos

With our application you have the opportunity to have unlimited videos. Organized into several categories so you never get bored. We have thousands of videos ready for you, look for the video and the category that suits your tastes and press play. The best laughing videos, music and horror videos, a wide range of material that you can view without limits.

VeloVideo - Gana dinero
VeloVideo - Gana dinero
Developer: GRUPO IMS
Price: Free
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot
  • VeloVideo - Gana dinero Screenshot

Add points

Watching videos is just one of the ways you can make money on VeloVideo. You have the option to share the material with your friends, comment and download videos. All of these options will reward you with points within the application that you can then exchange at any time for real money and withdraw it using the payment system of your choice.

Account Verification

To verify your account you must meet the following requirements:

– Get 1000 followers

– Put a legible profile photo

– Have recommended 100 friends.

Usage functions
Choose your language

After having downloaded our app from the Play Store on your mobile device, the first thing you will have to choose will be the language selection. You will have the option of; English, Spanish and Portuguese. Make your selection and continue.

Sign up:

Subsequently, you must register to use the app; It will ask you to log in with your email and a password. Enter your data and continue, you also have the option to log in with your Facebook account or from your Gmail account, it will be much faster (don't forget the remember data button so you log in automatically).

Enter with your referral code:

Here you have a wonderful option to enter with the code that a friend or family member has given you. If you enter it you will receive a large amount of points from the beginning. If you don't have the code, don't worry, continue and skip this step.

Starting screen:

The VeloVideo application has a fairly interactive screen. In the upper band you can see the language choice logo (upper right) which you can change at any time. At the other end you have the logo with the three horizontal lines for the menu (upper left).

In the central part you have the featured videos of the day. Where the most viral and popular videos on the internet are shown, tag yourself or a friend in them, watch them to earn points. The videos have a standard length of 30 – 45 seconds.

A little higher up you have the different categories, among which you can choose the one that best suits you to start interacting in the app. At the bottom you have five logos that are well distinguished and easy to differentiate.

In the center, there is the green button with the (+) symbol, this is to add the video of your preference to your profile in the application. You also earn money and popularity by having the option to “follow” a profile. With this, you can stay informed of all the interactions made by users or friends, whose content you want to see updates to, with notifications of their latest uploaded videos. Share and comment on their material, the best of all is that you earn money doing it.

At the bottom right, you have the favorites logo. There it stores all the content that you like and enjoy so that you can see it, download it or share it as many times as you want. There is also the profile logo, upload a photo that identifies you, see how many publications you have in the application, your number of followers and the number of followers you have within the app.

If we go to the bottom left of the home screen, you have the rewards logo. This keeps you up to date with the points you earn for the number of tasks and interactions completed and received.

From the beginning you earn 10 points for registering. On average for each play, download and comment; You accumulate about 15 points for each task completed. At the top you see the total points you have earned so far and a “redeem points” button. Where you redeem your points for real money (for every 2000 points = 1.00 USD).

Finally, you have the “home” logo; pressing it takes you directly to your home screen in the application.

Follower system

As has been said, within the app there is a followers system, where you can become a popular user. This will significantly increase your income in points and rewards, which translates into more money. It is a simple system, each user has their personal profile; The idea is that you upload viral and quality content according to the existing categories and complying with the app's policies.

If they like your videos, other users can follow you to be aware of your interactions and find out in real time when you upload your videos. Feel like any other social network, only in this one you earn real money for doing the same things you do on other social platforms such as; TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. Make the most of your time!

How to withdraw my money from VeloVideo?

The app will tell you that you need a minimum of 5,000 points to use the redeem points button. After you have met this amount, you can redeem your points with confidence. When these are transformed into USD, you will be presented with withdrawal options; Bank transfer or PayPal.

To withdraw by bank transfer, enter your account details and ensure that they comply with the platform's standards. If you don't meet these, don't worry, use PayPal and withdraw your balance by entering your PayPal email and that's it. Just wait for your money to be available, the process is quite fast and secure.

We pay every 24th of each month, you must request your payments a week in advance otherwise you will be paid the following month, only one payment will be made per account.

Menu functions

For informational purposes, you find everything much more organized and easier with the help of the application's options menu. Enter the three horizontal lines logo at the top left of the home screen.


By clicking on the “categories” section you will find the videos organized into the different classes available in the app; Funny, inspiration, singing, dancing, romance, friendship, sad, love, birthday, games. All designed for you and the user's comfort to go directly to the label that most attracts your attention.

My Downloads

Here you will see all the videos that you have downloaded from the application, in a quick and easy way to obtain. Sorted by date, you can redownload content that you have deleted from your mobile phone or that has been deleted by mistake. Here you will find it again.

Reference code

When you enter this option you will see your personal referral code, you can share this with your friends or family who are going to use the VeloVideo app, so that they can register by entering your code and receive extra points, as well as you will also receive a reward for registered users with your code. Don't miss this opportunity to generate more extra points, take advantage of it.

Wheel of luck

With this “wheel of luck”, obtain prizes and other points (a maximum of 10 points and a minimum of 1 point). You can spin the wheel 3 times a day; is another of the various ways you can make money with VeloVideo. This application makes you earn points wherever you see it, not only with everything previously said, but you also earn money by trying your luck in the daily wheel. What are you waiting for to download this fabulous app?


As the last option in the menu (avoiding logging out) you have the settings selection, where you will have more information about the app.

Button to enable or disable system push notifications. Including videos uploaded by users you follow and other users' interactions on your videos, new followers, etc.

Option to clear your system cache, this makes it easier to use.

Platform theme, you have 3 options; Default system, light, or dark tone. Change it to your liking.
Language, change the language or adjust it whenever you want.
Contact us. Send us a message or email with suggestions or let us know of any mishaps that are happening with your profile or your app.

Selection of frequently asked questions, enter this space and find out the general doubts of the community about the application. Here you find the information you need.
Request verification, if you want to have your account much more protected you can request verification to be much safer.

In this section you find the earnings information (points) for each task; points for registering in the app 10, points for each referral 50, points for watching a video 10, points for uploading a video 30, points for downloading a video 20.
Find our privacy policies, learn about us and share our application. All this and more in the best app on the market to make money watching videos, VeloVideo.


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